Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SO. . . .

Just got home, and I'm tired and wired. Got mega does of steroids after gamma knife.
So what we found, was another little tumor that was hiding, and we couldn't see it because of all of the swelling.
Fortunately, we zapped that guy, so that was a good thing.
The rim that was also found is tumor, so we treated 1/2 of that, and I will be going back on the 14th to treat the rest of it. The cavity has shrunk, but not enough for this to have been taken care of in one treatment.
The numbing shots were a bitch and hurt so bad. And then I could still feel him screwing this thing into my skull, so yea, that meant more shots and more pain/burning.
Once it was one it was ok.
Then this globe thing to take some measurements, then basically off in the ambulance to the MRI place. I of course was moving my legs around so we had to do a couple of the MRI's over. It figures!
Then back to Gamma Knife, and snap me in, or I should say lock me in.
And away we go.
I almost fell asleep during the thing, not like an MRI machine because no noise at all, and a little warm, made me kind of sleepy, (although that could have been from the two adivant I took as well?)
Then major does of steroids , again, and we just see how I feel tomorrow, prob tired, so I'll just lay low if need be.
One more treatment, then the next MRI will be in two months.
Gotta big fight on my hands, but I can do it!


  1. Just started reading your blog a few days ago but want to wish you the best. I will be keeping up with your journey through your writing. :)

  2. Discovered you today and read through your blog...what an inspiration! Good luck on your journey through this life!!

  3. Don't be discourage, for God have a plan for your life... Things might be bad now, but God and God only holds your future and I have hope for a better tomorrow in your behalf. May God bless you and keep you safe.