Monday, June 14, 2010

Yeah. . . .

it's great news.
Brain MRI back and no thing growing where it shouldn't be. Mid line shift gone (my brain shifted 9 cm) , and back to normal, swelling gone down a bit and the cavity is shrinking.
So Dr. A gone until Wed., I can wait to talk to him about when I will have Gamma Knife. I'm thinking next week or week after the latest, but at least I will have it and nothing has grown back!
Now I just have to deal with this friggin sinus infection. . . where did this come from? I've couching green all weekend, and I can feel it going down the back of my throat. YUCK
I can totally handle this though, this is nothing compared to what I've been though, lets say it's a slippery walk in the park.
Tomorrow I should start to feel better. . . . and by Wed. even better . . . . YIPEEE
Hannah left for her 4 day grad cruise, I know she will have a great time ! ! ! !
If anyone wants to know about Gamma Knife, here's the link:

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