Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday. . . .

I should get the real date for the Gamma Knife.
It was scheduled for the 8th, but now we are moving it to the week before, so I am thinking it will be the 1st or 2nd since they only do this on Thursday and Friday.
I want to make sure they have me scheduled with the"nice " nurse too!
Blood tests on Tuesday, and then at some point I have to go in to go over what we do during the procedure.
Big Gulp, and we aren't talking about 7-11 here.
I'm just hoping they kind of put me out because I don't know how i'm going to feel with some giant metal halo screwed into my scull. . .lets see. . .ummm. . .shall we dance, it's like a humpty dumpty thing but on my head, right?
Like when Dr Evil had that giant globe on his head and he was falling all over the place from the weight of it.
Yeah, sit me down and put me out please.Then they are going to snap me into this giant old fashion hair dryer thing, again, sedatives please.
I'm not thinking this is going to be bad, and I'm not afriad, it's just more of the unknown factor, and at this point I can almost fall asleep in an MRI machine, I'm just not sure how things thing on my head will fit in one, since we have to do the MRI with it on.
I don't get that part either.Well i'll know soon enough.
And as far as the eye goes, still some eye wierdness with my right eye, so it will be interesting to see what Dr. H has to say on the 28th

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  1. Dr. Evil - i love it!! i am thinking about you and praying for you every minute!!