Thursday, June 3, 2010

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so lets get this show on the raod right?? My man maid is a shampooing fool! the carpet that is.
Radiation Dr. today, need to schedule a body scan too, and neuro tomorrow...woo part??
Hannah's party on Sat.
So some COMFY slippers, makes me feel like I'm walking on clouds and Donna's soup, ok it's pretty goo
Eric and I are going to the party store, need a few things and it feels good to feel like things are somewhat normal.
The only thing bugging me? I don't really think about someone had like opened my head, but I think about stupid things like, can I sleep lying down instead of trying to sit up at all night, so guess what? I can't sleep. I know this much, I am getting something today to sleep, I'm on 75 mg of steroids...hey me an Arnold right??
Hannah has grad night tonight, I know she will have a blast. She is stress this am about her ap calc test, but you know, she will do the best she can do.
And even more exciting news?/ Her housing info came today for College, OMG here we go I am so excited this is going to be AMAZING!!!

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