Thursday, June 17, 2010

This . . . .

really pisses me off.
9:00 am I call this am for Gamma Knife appt, and the person I usually speak to is not avail, but I'm told she's busy working on scheduling, and will call me back.
3:15 no call so I figure I will call back and see if it's set up.
I get the same woman on the phone that proceeds to me that the scheduling person is not there and that she's been busy re-scheduling other patients, working on insurance problems, basically telling me that all of these other things are way more important than me and what am I anxious about.
What am I anxious about? I have some tumor in my head and I would like to get this going, and she tells me well you had surgery, and we have to let the area shrink I say, I hope this doesn't sound bad, but I don't care about all this other crap she just told me, I want to know when I am having this done so I can move forward.
What a bitch, then I ask her who she is and she tells me I'm one of the nurses!
Are you kidding me, if she's one of the nurses than I certainly don't want her nursing me because what a cold fish.
Right now, with this, yeah it's all about me and what is going to make me feel better? having a date set for this procedure.
I told her Dr. A told me to call today and get the date, and she says, "well the Dr's always want things done on their schedule and it just doesn't work that way" this lady should not be on the phone, and if she is she should be sympathetic and kind, say something like this, "I know this is a difficult time, and we are working on it. so and so is gone for the day but feel free to call her tomorrow if she hasn't called you first", "everything is going to be ok!, anything else I can help you with right now?"
Umm, that's what I would have said, not more of this, well so and so has been here since early this am doing this, we've had to move patients around and we only do Gamma on Thurs and Fri.
I wonder if Dr. A would like to know this, but then am I starting a war here?
Do I say something?
Am I crazy?
Yeah I'm a little hyped on steroids as my dose increased, but I don't know,
I don't think I'm too out of line here!

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