Friday, June 4, 2010

wow. . . .

I slept last night, thanks to lunestra, and cutting down those steroids.
OK, info from Radiation Onc. dr. a little much yesterday. I guess it's a combo of tired/wired, TMI and trying to digest everything.
So my plan right now?
Gonna call James, James James the man who can, he can do anything he can get you that scan. Poor attempt at a rap!! guess I need to add that he's a bad and that I'm a poor attempt for a rapper. Maybe a poet! ha ha
speaking I guess just about me, since hey, it is all about me right? I see the neuro today and see if he's removing some staples. I thought a little soon, but Dr. Miller said they may come out. shit, I hope that doesn't hurt!
Then tomorrow I'm having an MRI of neck and spine and that area. We do this to make sure nothing lurking around there, and I believe I will be clear. I know i will be, way too much trouble to cause around here!! Ask my friends!
Ok, so the cleaning goes on, wow, what does a girl gotta do to get her house cleaned, wait does that sound like I'm saying something else? No wait it's the brain surgery.
Leslie, Where is your half of my brain please??
Wow ok James is the man, got my Scan going for Monday, time to light me up woo hoo.
Hannah safe and sound from grad night, no major drama, for a change!
and for now, I think this is good. . . .

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