Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what. . . .

a whirlwind...Brain surgery on Friday, had been feeling bad for about 4 weeks, pain in my neck using ice and heat, pain pills muscle relaxers, I think my family thought i was crazy. They come to find out that I had a 5.5 cm mass growing in my head. They felt horrible, I feel horrible, I love them so much, I can't even put into words how i feel. What would I do without my Baby and my Bubba.???
I don't even remember Friday night. Apparently I had an mri of my brain, and came out throwing up, I told Eric he was crazy, he said he sat and held my hand through it. I don't remember. I have been really lucky, I've felt no real pain, no numbness, no tingling... Just some weird eye stuff going on, but that's to be expected as I have brain swelling...hello, just had brain surgery.
OK the nurses at Los Robles were nothing short of amazing.
Got the whole dr thing going on now, the rest of the week. . . .
Best thing right now?? Hannies party on Sat, she is excited, I am so glad. I didn't want anything to spoil this for her. and Graduation on the 10th, I can't believe it.
Jimmy and Debbie, I can't even thank you enough. I love you both.
Leslie, Mommy in charge, you have come to my rescue again, you are an angel, I love you.
Diana and Lisa, thank you I love you. I feel surrounded by love and healing light and prayer.
My girls, thank you for the text's and the visits in the hospital

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