Sunday, June 6, 2010

So. . . .

yesterday. Hmmmmm where do I start?

Lets start with MRI. All was fine I was actually just fine lying there with the fan blowing, even though the noise is a little much, it really didn't bother me until the last one, that was was a little intense, if I had hair, it would have been blowing just from the force of the noise itself. Seriously.
Then came the contrast part. Needless to say i couldn't finish the test. Can't use my right arm, and my left arm is shot, thanks to low fluids, swollen arm, bad bruises and so much pain. Poor Katie she tried in my arm, twice in my hand and it was o painful I couldn't take it. Mu calm mood turned to complete upset and I just wanted to go home and go to bed.
I am hoping we don;t have to do this again, or if we do at least give my arm some time to heal because I can't do this again, and I am hoping the injection tomorrow will not be a problem.
Ah tomorrow, the Scan. The Scan that will show that I am cancer free and I am good with that for now.
It's hard to talk about about I feel physically, because it changes so much. what I hate the most? not being able to just drink what I want, and it's so friggin hot I just don;t want to think about it today. I may have Eric all Dr. chan and find out if we can make an exception today. I got so overheated yesterday, and it's kind of like all I can think about.
Strange, I have brain surgery and all I can think about is how much I can have to drink.
Ok that's just me being me, so nothing new there. Guess that's a good thing.
Hannah's party? wonderful, I am so happy we did this for her. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends, and I am so overwhelmed by this.
Hannah's friends are something, and I am so happy to see the people that love her and care. does that sound funny?
And the Food? ummm YUM, Taco cart...great idea. The Cakes...big yumm, there is a little in the fridge and I am going to have like the smallest sugar today...wait, right, OK I will have it tomorrow. . . worth the wait.
So get back to cleaning up, and then some thank you least from me. Hannah's got to get those done before her trip.
After all, it was fun doing those envelopes, so she better use the darn things.

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