Tuesday, June 8, 2010

well. . . .

it's Tuesday.
Didn't sleep too good last night. tonight I will take an ambien so I can sleep, I feel a little out of it today.
Yesterday I had my full body scan, and Cris is amazing, he got that injection in without any pain what so ever. I told him If I need any more IV's I want him doing it! Wonder if he travels to the gamma knife???
Will get the results tomorrow from Dr. Kaul, I am really feeling quite positive about that. I really haven't had any fear there.
Dr. Miller got the MRI spine scan today, so I am hoping soon for those results, for some reason I'm a little fearful there, but I think that really has to do with the fact that I had this whole brain thing, and neck thing, and well your spine is connected to that. isn't it?? in my heart of hearts, I feel it will be clear as well. I just want to get this appt set.
then I see Dr. Ahn on Thursday so we can discuss the gamma knife. he left a message saying that we will prob wait about a month for the cavity to shrink. I will go with whatever they all decide, not like I can really say what I want, because honestly, i have no idea hear. hey that's why they get paid the big bucks. Literally!
My hope regarding myself for the week, all test back, and a plan to go forward with. Waiting is really hard, but I guess part of the lesson here.
Hannah's Sr. awards tomorrow night, I am so excited for her, and then Graduation on Thursday. I can't believe it's here, and I am so glad I was a jr/sr parent cuz those get into grad early tickets will be so nice!!

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