Thursday, June 24, 2010

The. . . .

nurse visit at the Gamma Knife went really well yesterday.
Karen is awesome, and she explained everything and took us on a little tour.
This way I have an idea of what to expect and if I had any questions could ask and so on.
She asked, "do you have any questions?" umm yes, will I be sedated? I sound like a druggy I know, but I am a little freaked out about my stylish hat that gets screwed into my skull, I guess that's their version of a SKULL CAP. uhh right!
So yeah, back to that whole process. . .
I come in at 6:30 am, and get to have an adivant, then I meet with Dr. C my neuro surgeon, who will put some numbing cream on my head, then some kind of numbing injections, that will burn, and cause bumps on my head, then she screws this thing into my head. , on the front part of course.. . .why do they put this contraption on you ask? so so when I go into the MRI machine, it has a way of giving them markers, so they can map and measure so they know where to direct the 200 laser beams. seriously!
Ok, so the Halo is on my head..(not the cute little oh look an angel halo) but a Frankenstein monstrosity, maybe after they put it on, I'll have to get really dramatic and walk with my hands in front me and say..MMMMmmm ( a girls got o have some fun, right?)
Ok, then they put me in an ambulance, and I go up to the hospital, hey they don't want me walking through the parking lot like that, I could draw attention, and yell help, look what they are doing to me!!, so then the MRI and then the little ride back down the hill, and there I wait for them to map out the big plan.
And oh, by the way, bring a little snack. . .I could be waiting quite a while for them to get their neuro surgeon, neuro physicist and Radiation Gamma Knife heads in agreement.
Ummm yeah lets get this right please it's my brain we are messing around with here!
Then, oh yeah the best part, they pop my head into the helmet things, and you are locked in with your head kind of suspended and it's kind of like an MRI machine except only the top of the head goes in, and no noise.
So I can bring a CD or she can play something that she has. . and the best part?? this only takes 20 minutes.
Then I rest and then go home and I'll be tired, but should be good to go the next day.
Now for those of you with inquiring minds and are asking well do they get everything, what exactly happens, and so on. . .
Well, we won't really know a lot of this until:
1) We have the MRI that morning to see how big the cavity hope here? it's 3.5 cm or less, that way I don't have to do this again in three months. . .so that's what I'm going with here
2) Dr.A will tell us after if the rim had tumor, and if it did, that's what he goes after first
3) We will know more about all of this after the procedure, can't guess here, so that's about it
I'm not afraid, except I'm a little freaked out like I said about this thing on my head, so other than that I'm good to go, and lets get it done already!

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